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    時間:2015-05-02 來源:本站整理 作者:初一(4) 葉 曉 評論:0

      He is a litter boy, he has a round face, two big and black eyes。 His nose is tall。 His mouth is red and big 。 He has a small body。 The hands are small, too。 His legs are short, he often wears a red coat and a black sweat。

      He is very short , but he likes playing basketball and football very much。 He is good at playing Ping-pong。 He doesn’t like writing at home, but he likes reading books a lot。 He is a good student at school。 He often discuss questions with his classmates。 They learn from each other and help each other。

      My mother cooks nice dishes。 After dinner, my brother washes the dishes。 He doesn’t like doing that, but what else can he do? He can’t cook。

      My brother, he is a good and funny boy。 His friends like him very much , me ,too。


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